Chronicles of My Nightmares ( Laughing At My Nightmares)

Dreams every body sees them .. here some of my weird dreams that I keep seeing for past years . they basically they hunt me every day

Dream 1:

I'm in a room with strange people . well dressed in formals .white shirts red ties
they talk and laugh and their hands are covered in blood to the wrists . their shirt cuffs are dipped in blood
and the room start to getting hot . so I start to fold my sleeves and I found that my hands are covered with blood too . so I continue folding my sleeves . then realize that my hands are covered in blood up to elbow . then faces of the people who were in that room getting fade away
Dream 2:

I'm in a large open area . there are lot of beautiful womens around me . from far there is a staircase witch leads in to endless blue sky .. every one is walking towards to that  staircase . I also want to . but I can't move a bit . my feet are like lead . I look down .. the ground start to melt and turn in to lava .
 Dream 3:

I'm walking in a forest . dark one look endless ,all the trees are bunt . I was so tired . suddenly I come a crosses with some pack of hybrid dogs . they are very big and have human faces and ears . they offer rides on their back to end the journey . even they fight each other to offer me a ride . but I decline their offer . then they go blood rage and start to follow me .. I run for my life but I fail ..

 Dream 4:

group of five disfigured mens come to me they are covered with robes . all have crows on their shoulders and black dogs in their sides
they ask me to join them as the sixth . they show me a beautiful girl who traps in side some kind of a glass cube

 and weirdest dream is Dream 5:

I see my self in future , I have some gray hair . look like I'm having a successful life and I have a daughter .. she is like 5 years old ,, but it turns to be that I'm a single father  (not like other dreams this one have bright surrounding  )


so I wrote down them .. dose this things tell some thing about my life . for me they keep me awake in night for hours . for long time . there are more dreams
like a movie 
so lets see after write down will I able to get a good sleep tonight


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