Chronicles of Last six months

As far as you Know it have been long time I have written something

yet here I'm in boring Sunday morning (which used to be a poya day as well) with limited Internet connection try to write down something

lets try to list down some semi professional things  which I was step in to past few months

Framework Vs Matured Framework 

when its comes to an open source framework selection always go for a matured one that means a framework that have been around for at least 3 years which have reasonable numbered user community .

the new framework may have cool features such as XML annotation ,lazy binding etc .. but not the help when you needed them .. or a less documented API .. don't risk your entire project  on that

Process  ... Process and more Process

the way maintain professionalism is getting rid of doing ad-hoc thing .. well at least try to avoid ad-hoc stuff until others recognize you as a professional . define some steps to do a every day task ,maintain communication with relevant people

Small Organizations give you opportunity to expand

we all dreams to work for big company like google , facebook ,microsoft apple but none of those places offer you a chat with CEO over a tea/coffee at 7 AM morning
I think its a best place to start for a fresh graduate . dream big start small pules points of this is you can hear what your organization really want from you . what their plans for you

most of the big companies want you to work 8 hours a day and 3 months salary in advance if they no longer wanted you thats it

Work Hard or Work Smart 

you have to select one of above ether you work hard or work smart .. don't try to do both I have tried and failed .. so select one I have selected work hard .. because I'm not a smart man :-D 

ok those are the things I have to list down after 2 hours of writing hope this will help for you in some how