Guide in to Girls and How get Zoned .... I do lot

As far as you I was progressive date crashing on past few months (for sure Programmers don't do it well at leas for me)

so far I was wondering why this my fellow opposite gender zone people much 
while my wonders are in my head here a list of zones I have encounter with my day to day social encounters

Friend Zone :

Most common of all zone this is the place where you were put when its come to the interaction .you will be there and you will not get any

Bro Zone :

Here comes the second .. if you didn't break the friend zone or if you make some smooth moves towards her  or even you are too deep on friend zone this will be your next stop . she will call you "Ayiyaa" funny right
I guess Jeremy and Cersei   will like it

No Hang Out Zone :

This is an exclusive zone . just put you there and cut off all means of communication . they say that "we will hang out for next film definitely "
and you can find out later they have dropped you from their plans

Only get work Done Zone :

yes all means of Interaction depend on there work
they will text you like

 "Can you check my presentation due 2moro ? thank you"

"If you are free can you look in to this code and make it work ? I have to submit this 2moro"

well all of this communication ends once job done ! if you want to make sure that text them like  "Hi Can you help with me to buy a gift for girl ?? " dude you will not getting any reply :D

I have crush/Boyfriend keep away Zone:

basically they start with this they start communication with "My boyfriend .... "
seriously come on I don't even make a move there .. simply the mention about there crush / BF every 2 minute of the conversation if in a case you forgot

there are minor zones .. one that I have been is "furniture zone" yes Nipuni you did that she keep telling me that I remind her a old staircase seriously

ok I know I'm kind of a prick .. been single looking for a way to break the ice
may be its look like I'm a predator for relationship

but it doesn't make me away from one valentine  alone
rejection is not a new thing