Is It Me ....

Well you have questions :D

  • Yes I'm Back 
  • NO .. but little bit butt hurt-ed
  • well see I may write in sinhala again 
  •  Cool 

let get in to point ..

I'm typing this in Sunday morning probably hating myself
what is the reason for that
next week is a holiday week for middle east , no upcoming releases

Any way I did major career switch that means I completely change my base language from JAVA to PHP
I was not a PHP guy

what I see in decision (I have done bad decisions .. even I can't remember one good decisions that I made in last 15 years )  it was not hard I thought

PHP is full of OOP features .Grate frameworks nearly kick ass much as  Hibernate and tiles .
the transition was swift

I joined as an Intern . surprisingly after 3 months the call me in as a permanent employee
lot of new things to come up I guess

working with top level archtech in SL .. and yes meeting with David Axmark ! yeh he is the founder of mysql 

but I'm still in my studies wondering witch path to select we will see it in next level I'm so Confused :D


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